Conditions for the supply of Remanufactured Assemblies within the Republic of South Africa

1. We warrant that the goods to be delivered, according to the respective level of engineering, are free from defects resulting from the material used and the workmanship employed for a period as stated in the categories below:

The unit warranty comes into effect from the date indicated on the unit commissioning check list.

Normal freight carrier - Line haul surface operation - Bus operation 1 year or 100 000 kilometres whichever occurs first.

Agricultural - stationary - marine operation 6 months or 1 000 hours or 50 000 kilometres whichever occurs first.

1.1 These conditions apply to Engines

1.2 The warranty on goods despatched ex Brockwell Auto Engineering c.c. which are not put into service within 6 months from date of receipt shall automatically become void unless conservation is done to unit/vehicle as per manufacturers instructions and warranty extension is requested and granted in writing.

2. This warranty shall, at our discretion, cover either the repair of the goods supplied or the replacement free of charge, of the parts which we have recognised to be defective only and Brockwell Auto Engineering c.c. is not responsible for any removal or replacement of any unit found to be defective.

3. If Brockwell Auto Engineering c.c. expressly recognises a warranty claim the cost of the least expensive mode of despatch of the unit will be utilised.

4. Parts in respect of which a warranty claim is lodged shall at our choice, either be forwarded to the factory, costs prepaid, or be kept at a place to be determined by us for the purpose of examination by a factory representative. Parts which we have recognised to be defective and which have been replaced shall become our property.

5. This warranty shall expire if the goods supplied have been altered by a third party or by installing into them parts of other origin and if the cause of the damage is directly connected with such alteration, or the engine power exceeds the design parameters of the component supplied by Brockwell Auto Engineering c.c.

6. Brockwell Auto Engineering c.c. must be advised immediately in the event of any complaint/malfunction. Immediate action will be taken to rectify the problem either by our Product Support team on your premises or by eliciting the assistance of the local approved Service Agent: This work will be authorised by an official Brockwell Auto Engineering c.c. order number.

7. Brockwell Auto Engineering c.c. will not be held responsible nor liable in any way for any recovery charges, loss of revenue, down-time compensation, hire charges, hotel expenses or subsistance costs nor any other costs arising from malfunction or non-availability of a vehicle during repairs nor for any costs arising from removal or fitment of engine gearbox,axle,etc.

8. It is a condition of our warranty that the engine commissioning check list is completed and returned to Brockwell Auto Engineering c.c. within 7 days of Commissioning. (See Engine Commissioning Check list).

9. Change of ownership to third parties of units supplied by Brockwell Auto Engineering c.c. renders the warranty null and void.

9.1 AT THE DISCRETION OF BROCKWELL AUTO ENGINEERING C.C. If a change of ownership is made of a unit supplied by Brockwell and Brockwell is informed in writing within 30 days of such change of ownership Brockwell may at its discretion issue a continuation of warranty which will be acknowledged in writing.

10. lt is a condition of warranty that a distance (TACHO) or time recording device (hour meter) must be fitted to the prime mover to which any Brockwell unit is fitted. The Client accepts that Brockwell Auto Engineering c.c. staff may in the furtherance of an investigation, remove inter alia:

* tachograph sheets
* tachograph instruments
* hour meters
* impulse sender units
* gears
* cables
* wiring
* service records

from any unit to which a Brockwell Auto Engineering c.c. product is fitted without owner/client permission. Failure to render any of the above available will lead to cancellation of our warranty and nullify any claim which may be pending.

11. Auxiliary items i.e. clutch, starter, alternator, charge pump, fuel pump, injectors, engine mountings etc. carry a 3 month warranty if supplied or overhauled by Brockwell Auto Engineering c.c.

12. The first inspection service at 1 000 to 1 500 km is for the account of the customer and must include the following. (Engines)

1. Oil and filter change.
2. Tighten down head. (If applicable)
3. Check for oil, fuel or water leaks.
4. Check tappet clearance.
5. Road test to check performance
6. Check and adjust fan belts.

13. As this Warranty contains the life history of the unit it should be kept in a safe place and made available for perusal in the case of a claim.

14. This Warranty shall expire if the customer does not observe directives concerning the handling of the vehicle (owner's manual) if the goods supplied are not used for their intended normal purpose and in particular, if the checks prescribed in the maintenance booklets are not carried out appropriately by an authorised competent workshop. Furthermore this warranty shall not apply if it has been established that the permissible gross mass of the vehicle in question or the carrying capacity of the chassis has been exceeded.

15. Further warranty claims are excluded, in particular, claims for cancellation of the order, reduction in price, or damages. No compensation will be granted under any circumstances for any direct or indirect damage.

16. Natural wear and tear and adjustment jobs are not covered by this warranty. More over, damage due to negligent or improper handling, storage or transport is excluded from this warranty.

17. The foregoing provisions shall likewise apply to all supplies made in settlement of any claim which resulted from the warranty, the warranty period for the replacement parts shall be identical with the remainder of the warranty period applicable to the original part which was found defective and which was replaced. In case of alienation the warranty shall immediately expire.

18. Any verbal declarations by our agents or employees are binding on us only if and when they have been confirmed by us in writing and signed by the Managing Member of Brockwell Auto Engineering c.c.

19. It is required of the end user/customer that the following procedures be adhered to, prior to fitment of engine.

Renew or recondition to manufacturers specification
1. Aircleaner elements renew
2. Radiator
3. All hoses and clamps renew
4. Clutch and pressure plate renew
5. Engines using water as cooling medium must have anti-freeze added, of a type approved by the O.E.M.
6. During the entire warranty period only O.E.M. approved parts and servicing procedures may be employed.
7. Fan belts renew
8. Engine mountings renew if faulty.

All services must be carried out as per attached service sheets and are regarded as the minimum requirement. Service sheets must be signed and retained in the warranty book and stamped by the dealer or company. Failure to service the engine according by these standards will nullify any claim which may be pending and lead to cancellation of the warranty.