Company Profile

Brockwell Auto Engineering cc established in Eshowe KwaZulu Natal 1983, is a company engaged in the rebuilding and servicing of all petrol and diesel engines for all sectors of the Transport and Civil Government Departments, Bus Companies, Civil Engineering and Industry. The objectives of Brockwell Auto engineering are to supply rebuilt units and related components to the Industry with the emphasis on quality, reliability, service and conformance to the manufacturing requirements.

Brockwell targets buisness in the harbour and the shipping industry as plant and truck maintenance in Richards Bay. Brockwell diversified to mining and industrial and automotive oils in 1997. Sales are growing at Eshowe, Richards Bay and Pongola. The Pongola branch was opened for oil sales.

Policy of the company

We have an efficient quality assurance programme intergrated with other management functions of the Company.

Quality Assurance Programme

Brockwell Auto Engineering's Warranty Manual describes how the Company's quality assurance programme is designed, to ensure that the customers' requirements are recognized, and that consistent and uniform controls of these requirements are maintained throughout all phases of the repair and service contract.
Our warranty manual adequately describes the quality assurance programme as used within internal combustion engines, and is unreservedly applied as appropriate to all customer orders. We conduct periodic and systematic reviews of our quality programme to ensure that the requirements are adhered to and are effective. These audits are conducted by Management or personnel appointed. Commission audits are done free of charge for every engine fitted, and must comply with the warranty regulations, once the engine has been installed into the vehicle.


All units received by Brockwell Auto Engineering, are photographed and all missing parts noted on an Engine Inspection Sheet. It is then stripped down to determine the cause of failure, and a failure report is completed. A quotation is made out for non-standard units and faxed to the customer, showing detailed items and costs. Brockwell Auto Engineering has standard rates for certain types of units and a component for standard contracts and the customer confirmation is not required before commencing work.


A job card is opened showing the following:
1. Job number
2. Unit description and engine number.
3. Itemised spares and labour costs.
4. Customer order number.
5. Start and completion date.
6. All labour carried out from timesheets and by whom.
7. Any detail of special clearances that need to be maintained.
8. All rebuild engines shall be dynamometer test run for 4 hours, for power output, torque, compression, oil pressure and temperatures, cooling system performance, smoke levels, and exhaust temperatures, in accordance with the latest ISO testing procedures to ensure that the unit functions satisfactorily at the designed duty point. See Test Sheet. After completion of final testing, engines are repainted to original colour.
9. In the event of a unit not being repairable or the repair cost exceeds the price of replacement unit, the client is informed that the unit cannot or economically should not be repaired. The crankshaft, camshaft, cylinderhead and cylinderblock must be re-usable from the old carcass, failing which additional charges will be made for these items, as well as any sub-standard repairs, removing and replacing and shipping damages, to any part of the natural carcass. No stripped engines will be accepted unless they are assembled in a loose form.


All records are maintained for a period of 5 years, and stored under conditions to enable easy retrieval and adequate preservation.

Control of Test Equipment

All equipment used within Brockwell Auto Engineering, is inspected and tested at intervals, and controlled. Items such as micrometers, slip gauges, pressure and vacuum gauges dynamometer equipment and torque wrenches.

General Engineering and Coded Welding

Brockwell Auto Engineering carry out welding operations on aluminium, cast iron and steel castings, in accordance with defined instructions. Heat treatment, approved suppliers carry out chrome plating and nitriding activities.

Preventive Maintenance Field Service

For the past 8 years we have been contracted first to the Department of Works, and later to the Department of Transport to carry out preventive maintenance on all their plant, heavy earthmoving, trucks and tractors. Qualified artisans are employed and supplied with tooling and equipment to carry out the necessary scope of work.

Oil sampling is taken on engines, differentials and gearboxes at service intervals, normally at every 250hr and sent off to Wearcheck, where the oil is analised. We run a computerized Infocheck system and are linked by computer modem to Wearcheck in Pinetown. Information is downloaded daily, and reports are received timeously.

Field Service Scope of Work

Brockwell Auto Engineering's aim is to improve the availability of plant, and reducing operating costs, and the emphasis is on PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE, rather than REPAIR.
A monthly payment for the execution of the services by our service unit will include for the full operational costs of the Service Unit, excluding travel, and will include: -
1. Provision of a fully equipped Service vehicle.
2. Provision of a Serviceman and assistant.
3. Indemnity, third party covers for property and persons.
4. Reimbursement for traveling costs i.e. distance covered in kilometers, to which accurate daily logsheets are administered.
5. Serviceman will be in radio contact with base station.
6. An overall availability of not less than 95% will be guaranteed.

The Preventive Maintenance will include, but shall not be limited to:

1. The manufacturer's prescribed 250, 500 and 1000hr services.
2. Taking of engine oil samples for wear analysis.
3. Replacing of external wearing parts as and when required.
4. Checking of radiator antifreeze and summer coolant concentrations.
5. Checking of all oil and fluid levels (hydraulic, transmission, brake, final drive, clutch and radiator.)
6. High pressure greasing of all grease points.
7. General tightening of nuts and bolts.
8. The general testing of the item of plant to ensure it is operating efficiently.
9. Tightening of drive belts as and when required.
10. General checking for oil leaks, and be attended to were practical.
11. Checking of gauges.
12. Follow up on oil sample reports where necessary.
13. Any other maintenance function, which is required to ensure continued and efficient operation.
14. Accurate records of all work undertaken and materials used will be kept. I.e. a) weekly logsheet, daily records of work undertaken & maintenance etc. b) service inspection sheet - completion of a detailed service inspection form for each vehicle or plant item serviced or inspected.
15. Assist in informal training of the operators of carrying out preventive maintenance services.
16. Report of any major breakdowns, plant abuse, and inspection of tyres.

We look forward to executing our excellent, tested and proven Preventive Maintenance program with Alusaf.