Fuchs Titan Motor Oils

Fuchs is committed to providing our customers with the specialized products
and services needed to successfully compete in today?s global marketplace.
Fundamental to this commitment is the on-going development of quality
products, formulated to improve productivity, ensure worker safety
and reduce environmental impact. However, the Fuchs Commitment is
not limited to products alone. Equally important, in our view, is
the provision of prompt, efficient and effective service, in every
sense of the word. Our vision is of an ongoing partnership with
our customers ? a partnership in which the customer derives maximum
benefit from all facets of our expertise, whether that expertise
is in product technology, process co-ordination, Health & safety
awareness, environmental compliance or chemicals management services.
For more information about Fuchs visit their website at www.fuchs.com.

There is a FUCHS
product line to cover all lubricant applications. The following
describes the product rage in broad terms.

  • Industrial

    For diverse applications including hydraulic systems, gearboxes,
    slide ways, compressors and roller bearings.
  • Automotive

    High performance lubricants for all cars, trucks, buses, construction
    machinery and agricultural equipment along with stationary applications
    such as power generation.
  • Cutting

    Water-miscible and neat fluids for all rough and precision machining
    operations on all major materials used in the metalworking sector.
  • Metalforming

    Products for pressing, extrusion, forging and for drawing wires,
    profiles and tubes as well as for the hot and cold rolling of
    - Greases

    For all applications including automotive, machine tools, steel
    works, cement factories, sugar refineries, mining and the food
    and beverage industries.
    - Corrosion Preventives

    Products and technologies for the temporary corrosion protection
    of metals.
    - Rapidly Biodegradable Lubricants

    Advanced, innovative lubricants for engines, gearboxes, hydraulic
    systems and metalworking. Biodegradable grease are also available
    for all applications.
    - Industrial Detergents and Degreasers

    Industrial detergents for use in dip or spray equipment.
    - Mould Release Agents

    For all types of no-site and pre-cast concrete shuttering world.
    Also for general concrete structures, bricks, tiles and decorative
    - Quenching Oils

    For the heat treatment of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals.